The Little Parker Dental Center would like to welcome you to what we refer to as; “A warm and friendly approach to your Dental Requirements.” We strive to provide a modern, state of the art, professional service for each of our patients but moreover that individual feeling you get from having someone that truly cares. A professional approach to any dental procedure is a given. We would like to think we go beyond and above your expectations.

Experience Something New

Dr. Gillespie is part of that new and exciting professional approach to dentistry. She believes in the community and understands that dentistry should be all about the patient and their needs. Anything less is unacceptable. Feeling comfortable and relaxed is what it’s all about, plain and simple.

Today’s Patient

Today’s patients are well educated, knowledgeable and deserve a confident and well run dental office. At the Little parker Dental Center we are committed to that very concept. Dr. Gillespie and her entire staff strive to provide that one on one approach for each patient. It’s not only a requirement at the office but moreover each patient should expect it and every visit should be a worthwhile and pleasant experience.